Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Haunted House

I had a spooky house on Halloween with three skeletons! Koby and Spencer had other ideas for costumes until almost a month ago when I found Clay a cute skeleton costume on clearance. They decided they wanted to be skeletons too. So, I made them costumes and found masks for $1. Perfect! Here they are on Halloween - Clay slept through most of the trick or treating, then ate through the rest of it! But, he sure looked cute! And, by the way, nobody has to teach a child with OCD about sorting your candy! Koby came running into our friends (the Krammer's) house and immediately dumped his candy out and started making piles! They never did that last year, I really think it was just obvious to him - that's what you do!


Kim said...

I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes! I can't believe Koby sorted his candy. I'm sure he tricked Spencer into trading his good stuff for some mediocre stuff too. And since Spencer is so nice, he let him! WOW! Some things never change!
Great costume making...I'm impressed.

LAUREN said...

Super cute costumes and boys! I sure miss their cute little faces. Clay is getting SO big. I can't believe he's rolling over. The candy sorting is hilarious. Totally something that Grace would do. Glad that your Halloween was warm-er than normal. Miss ya.

Logan and Ashley said...

That is cute that they wanted to be the same thing! It looks like they got a lot of candy and enjoyed it!