Monday, June 16, 2008

Yea for DADS!

I am thankful for dads. My own dad, my boy's dad, Brandon's dad and Grandpas! Yesterday was a day to really remind us of how great dads are! I was able to think about what my dad means to me. I have always been careful to listen to any advice my dad has for me. And I take it more seriously as I get older (and wiser?). Even though I have children of my own, my dad is still my dad and I love that that relationship doesn't ever go away. It just changes and grows. So, thanks dad, for being so involved and caring so much about our little family!
Brandon is an incredibly involved dad. I love that. When he is around he does as much or more than I do for the boys. I have seen dads that are not so caring, patient or involved with their children and I recognize how great B really is! Happy Father's Day (a day late) to all the great dads out there!


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Cami--thank you for your kind words, which I will try to live up to. I love you and have always felt that you are a perfect daughter. Love, Dad