Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Google

Google is a common word around our house, but we recently learned from super smart Uncle John that a google is actually a number. It is the number one with one hundred zeros. Koby decided to write down the number google. I didn't actually count the zeros, but it looks good to me!


Katie Smith said...

Oooh, so many things to say! 1. I'm glad you found me and I you. I will now stalk you...beware. 2. I love your header picture. Such the perfect depiction of true life. 3. You are such a faithful blogger. Don't be too disappointment with me and my lack of blogging motivation. At least I'm motivated to work-out, right? And, 4. You are beautiful. Seriously, you are such a hottie! I wish I had your hair and your tan skin. :)

Jason and Summer said...

So I am a blogging slacker. It has been a long time. Loved all the post. what a fun spring break. Love the pictue of Spenc and Clay on the wheel chair. Hope all is good!