Monday, June 14, 2010


Brandon and I celebrated 12 years of being married over the weekend. 12! Wow, I sound old to myself. We went to dinner and dessert, then went home to put the kids to bed and rented a movie online. How exciting are we? But, we enjoyed each other. I always enjoy Brandon. Who woudn't? I will spare you my innermost feelings about him. He is fun to be married to and I consideer myself a lucky girl for the past 12 years, and the rest of eternity!
Interesting side note: June 10th=my brother Tim and his wife Shelbie's anniversary. June 11th=mine and my parent's anniversary. June 12=my sister Kim and her husband John's anniversary. Aren't we cute? Todd and Lexi just couldn't wait until June and had to be married in May!


Lydia Moon said...

Congratulations! The time flies so quickly!

Jason and Summer, but really just Summer said...

12 exciting!! What a great couple you two are. You compliment each other so well.

So I was at Target yesterday and could not find Clay's DVD...when does it come out? HE is funny. I love the silly things kids do.