Monday, July 12, 2010


I guess having three boys comes with certain mishaps. How cliche is it that when I heard a HUGE crash in my house, I walked in the front room to find a baseball and shattered glass from one of our big windows. Koby came running in crying and flipping out that it was an accident. It was one of those things where you are mad, but feel so bad that you can't get too upset with them. We had a talk about using common sense and making smarter choices. Like, don't stand next to the house and aim your hits towards it.
Have you seen the movie "UP"? My mom has a soft spot in her heart for it because everytime the sweet couple has any kind of money saved up for their vacation they have to break the bank to fix a broken car, etc. My mom feels like that describes her life. I had a little bit of money set aside to buy a small couch for my front room. What do you know? That's how much it cost to replace the window!


AJ said...

Then I guess the next best thing is to be thankful that you have the money even though it is not going towards what you wanted.