Friday, July 30, 2010

Novelty Family?

I live in a rare place. A place where having a baby doesn't necessarily give you special treatment (just about everyone has a baby). A place where you could be considered a light-weight with JUST four kids! There are no double-takes from strangers, no questioning of pregnancies. I thought a lot about this on our trip to California, where Camryn was ooohed and aaaahed by all who saw her in grocery stores and restaurants. At the gas station in Vegas I was the minor and quite a sight with one, two, three, four? yes, four kids in tow. I walked into another gas station by myself and ordered five ice cream cones, the employee couldn't hide his astonishment. I believe he actually gasped and took a step back. I explained that there was one more of us, but she was too little for ice cream. Then I told myself that his reaction was because I couldn't possibly be old enough to have four kids.
It is fun to be the novelty sometimes.
And sometimes it is nice to be ignored as all your rugrat children run wild through the aisles of WalMart.


Brigette said...

you're too funny! I SO relate to this post -- but in reverse, I'd love to live where you live and not have people freak out each and every time we go to the grocery store or Costco together -- people are very one maybe two children here...arg!

Kim said...

Cute background.

I doubt your kids EVER run wild in Walmart- PA-SHA!

Briawna said...

I'm still getting used to people commenting on my baby and saying, "Wow! Three! And they're all so young." People here are very family-oriented but that means two kids. I swear that when they smile at me in Wal-mart, they're really thinking, "Well, that's why you should have stopped at two." I'd agree except I really want to give away the three-year-old and keep the baby. Enjoy the ignoring and the adoration. Both are fun. :-)

Lydia Moon said...

Sometimes I think it might be nice to be ignored being pregnant with my second set of twins. I felt like we were the main attraction at a 3 ring circus when the first set was born. I have no idea what it's going to be like take two sets of twins out in public at the same time. lol. I even had a doctor talk with me this week about my plans for contraception after this pregnancy. Interesting!

Julie said...

Would be REALLY nice not to get the comments and stares that come with our crew! Count your blessings to be in a community like you are!