Saturday, January 15, 2011


I've neglected my blog for long enough. But, I'm back and hope the readers come back too! Let's take a look back at the last year...
JANUARY was for sledding, snowmobiling and BYU basketball!
In FEBRUARY we welcomed a new little cousin right around the time we created Valentine's for loved ones.
MARCH was our turn to add to our family with a BIG surprise - a girl!
In APRIL, we just couldn't get enough of the cuddly, newborn stage...
In MAY, the girl was blessed. We welcomed a third little cousin. And, said goodbye to the school year (remember signing shirts?)
JUNE was spent outdoors. There was a "Snack Shack" daily to earn money for Zhu Zhu pets. Brandon coached the boys' baseball team.
JULY started with a parade and fireworks (of course). It included a fun family vacation to the beach and Disneyland. It ended with Koby's baptism. Great month!

In AUGUST we said Adios to Uncle Jonny, who left on a mission to Bolivia. 1st and 2nd graders headed off to school.
SEPTEMBER was spent at the soccer fields, with some of the cutest spectators around!
OCTOBER took us to Kanab for hiking, swimming and sunshine. We met up with my brother's family who moved away earlier in the year:( We also had another Halloween with several costumes.

In NOVEMBER we were grateful for helping hands and leftovers!
DECEMBER was a busy Christmas season that I loved every minute of! Camryn met Santa and the rest of us went to the best year of "Scrooge" ever! We squeezed a lot into the month and ended with family in Colorado.
We had a fun year with a new baby sister. Can't wait to see what comes with 2011!


Ashleigh said...

You have such a cute family.

Lopez Life said...

I love the buried beach picutre!!