Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Daily Highlights

I didn't blog for a while and now I'm not sure anyone is reading. But for journaling purposes at the very least, I will continue to blog.
I just recently made a goal for myself to record (in blog form, personal journal and/or one of my children's journals) at least one highlight of my day. It is meant to be quick and easy, but today will be a little longer. Since ldsjournal's website is not seeming to work right now, I will start on my blog. And, since it's my first time, I will highlight each family member.
B highlight - Another run during his lunch break, which is a common thing for him now. Then, letting me go run when he got home. Now, playing basketball with the men at church. We're trying to be swim suit ready!

Me highlight - I went to the dentist (it's been a year and a half - oops!) and I didn't have any cavities!

Boys highlight - All three boys put together a basketball team and played for HOURS today. They were nice to each other and there was no computer, iphone, or tv involved!

Baby highlight - Camryn sported a new do today. Since she won't keep headbands on and doesn't have enough hair for clips, I got creative with the gel. I accentuated her cute curls in back and added curly fohawk on top. The boys thought it was cool!

I will enjoy life and find good in every day!


Lydia Moon said...

This is a great idea! What a fabulous goal! I love reading about your family and seeing pictures of all of you. Keep blogging! You still have at least one reader. :)