Saturday, March 5, 2011

Teeth (or lack of)

Koby lost his two top teeth in the summertime and we are still waiting for permanent ones (is this normal?) He got sick of us singing to him at christmas. All I want for christmas...

Spencer just lost both bottom teeth (one at school). He thinks he looks more handsome without them. I think he talks funnier.

Camryn is known as Spongebob around here. Why such a huge gap? I hope that closes up as more teeth come in. I wasnt thrilled abut the nick name at first, but whatever. My cousin calls her little girl David Letterman. Not sure whats worse.

PS - I apologize for my crummy pictures lately. Our camera broke, so I only have what I can do with my phone. Plus, Camryn doesn't sit still, so a clear picture is basically impossible!
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