Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Harry Potter

I am not "with it" in lots of areas. Books and movies are both in that category. I'm not a reader, so never read Twilight or Hunger Games. (Although, I was forced to go see Hunger Games movie.)
BUT, I can now say that I know what Quidditch, Gryffindor, and Muggles are! My oldest, Koby has recently been interested in Harry Potter. He has friends and a cousin who talk about it a lot. He had only seen parts of a few of the movies. So, we decided to read the books together. It's been so great to lay on his bed with him and read most nights. He always begs for one more chapter. And, most of the time I cave. We have now completed the first two books and movies. I will continue to enjoy this bonding time with my son for as long as it lasts.


Kelly Fam said...

yay for Harry Potter. what a magical world, but more importantly, YAY for being able to read and enjoy something with koby. I love finding books to read with Josie.