Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer 2012

I have been inspired by my sister to update my blog. Actually, both of my sisters have been better than I have (like that's hard to do). I can't be left behind, so here are some things the Hansen's have been up to this summer.
Just before school got out, we took a trip to Colorado to visit Brandon's family. It was a super fun trip! I love his family. But, for some reason I got pictures in the airport and on the airplane going there and coming home. And that was it! The kids have never been on a plane before (that any of them remember). They were in heaven while I hyperventilated at every bump and sound of the plane.
Just after school got out, Clay turned 5! I am so sad that my little buddy will be leaving me for kindergarten. I let him choose three friends to take out for frozen yogurt, then sprinklers, trampoline, etc.
We went to a few parades. Starting, with this night one in Orem. It was windy and kind of cold, but it was fun. Here are the boys before the parade. Koby brought his unicycle and rode up and down getting lots of cheers from the crowd! And, my husband wore the wig that Koby brought for his "act" because his bald head was cold!

4th of July is the BEST in Utah County! The boys ran in the Freedom Run (just 1 mile). This is their second year running and they love it. Then, we headed over to the parade. We swam in the afternoon. Then bbq fireworks that night at Papa and JuJu's. The big boys got to put on the firework show for all of us!
We watched Koby play baseball...
We hiked and took quite a few trips up the canyon for making smores, fishing, etc. Plus, the boys camped a few times.

Spencer and Clay found a new obsession in Tech Decks. Brandon built this sweet half pipe for them and their is currently a whole skate park in the basement!
 A favorite has been swimming, fishing, snorkeling and digging with cousins at the pond around the corner from us...

Utah has had several fires this summer. This is the Alpine one as seen from my bedroom window. The boys were fascinated by it. We drove closer to get a good look at the flames, helicopters, fire trucks and all.
Our cousin's have a new house with a pool that we have been enjoying!

Our big trip was to California to enjoy the BEACH! That's all we needed this year. No Disneyland, nothing fancy. Just sand and waves (and a pool before and after the beach every day). Spencer spent hours and hours boogie boarding. Koby learned to skim board. Clay loved getting his feet wet, playing catch with dad.  Camryn loved the sand and jumping over the waves. Everyone loved digging for crabs, exploring tide pools, being buried and swimming. It was a fun trip with Papa (and JuJu and cousins for a few days).

Yes, my head is tiny and Brandon's is big. But, seriously? I think this picture might exaggerate it! Haha!
Koby turned 10 right after we got home from California. We finally live in a neighborhood with lots of friends. So, he had a bunch of boys over to ice block and play kickball down the street. Then, cupcakes, ice cream and night games!

We also enjoyed have family come visit. Plus, several other activities not pictured. We currently have a list of things we want to do before school starts. We have two weeks to do lots more fun things! Including, welcoming Uncle Jonny home from a mission in Bolivia!


tracie said...

what a fun summer. Love the pic of Brandons big head. Ha ha .