Monday, October 15, 2007

Leaping into the 00's

So, Brandon and I sold some stuff on ebay and Craig's List to get a new computer. The laptop we had was dead, won't even turn on. And the desktop is just slow and inconvenient. So, last week Brandon bought me my own laptop. I have really taken ownership of it and am loving being able to easily and quickly be on the computer getting things taken care of, and now keeping a fun record of my life. I am looking into getting a more personal and serious online journal as well. That won't be open to the public, sorry! Maybe when I die. So, I am feeling like I have leaped into the 00's (is that what we call it?) I also had Brandon teach me how to put pictures onto my computer from the camera, so I will be posting pictures here as well.
Oh, also, I LOVE fonts! And hate that when I blog I only have the choice of like four boring ones. I think I downloaded probably 200 or so new fonts onto my computer tonight. I did it one by one because it was worth it to me to get the super cute and original ones. So, Kim, thanks for yours, but I had to have more. If there is a way for me to send all these ones to you, then I will. They are cute and you should want them. Let me know how and I will do it.