Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Imagination at Work

1 Batman and 2 Supermen
My boys LOVE to dress up. They have a bin of clothes that I keep having to replace with a bigger bin, then it overflows quickly. Here are some pictures of the latest imagination days that they've had. Koby gets way into it. One of my favorite characters of his is Larry, the night guard from the Night at the Museum movie. He puts on a jacket and a belt looped with keys on a retractable key chain and a flashlight. He has his paper with "instructions" too, it is cute. His police officer outfit also includes a belt with keys and a flashlight, plus a pair of handcuffs in a case. Koby loves to copy things he sees on tv and movies - in great detail!

3 Rocketboys on a spaceship


laura said...

That's awesome. Connor loves dress-ups too. Where do you collect all your dress-ups? I need a good, cheap source.