Sunday, December 30, 2007

Santa made it!

Christmas morning was so much fun with everyone. Kim and her family and Tim and his came to grandma's at 7:30 and we all opened presents together. My kids woke up about 20 minutes before that, but we hung out downstairs for a couple minutes, then let them go up and check everything out and open something from their stocking to hold them over!
Koby and his new snow pants
Spencer with his new slippers from his best buddy Hudson (Tim's 7 month old baby) and riding his new board from Santa!
Clay with his loot
The damage a little later that morning!


Sarah said...

Your Christmas looked spectcular!! I have learned to deal with the Christmas mess! It used to drive me crazy!!! Your boys are as cute as ever!

Mark & Brigette Russell said...

Looks like you all had great fun and made some great Christmas memories! Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

Lauren said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas in Utah. Your boys are so cute! Glad that you posted something. I've been missing ya. ;) Brandon did do a GREAT JOB on the stable. Nice work! We'll see you in February!!!! :)

Logan and Ashley said...

I love how messy it gets after opening presents. I don't even mind the mess for some reason, it just seems so fun!!