Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Eve brought to you by the grandkids...

This year we sort of let the kids run their own Christmas Eve Program for us. It was really cute. It was just casual and fun for all of us. All my brothers and sisters were at my mom and dad's house for it...
Koby, Spencer and Grandma JuJu started the program with Jolly Old St. Nicholas (with Papa on guitar and singing the beginning). The boys made up their own very silly words for people in the family!
Addie showed off her hula dancing. For some reason she really wanted bright orange vampire teeth in while she danced?
Koby and Austin did a little TaeKwon-Do that Brandon taught them
Papa got crazy with the guitar and singing "Feliz Navidad" while Tim and Shelbie led the grandkids in a fun dance around the snowman!
Todd played a song on the piano while the kids watched...then they each had their turn on the piano.
Finally, JuJu finished it up by telling a short version of the Christmas story using one of her nativities...