Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tag, I'm it...again!

So last time I was tagged I cheated and tagged my kids! I guess this time I will play along, although I am really not very interesting. I think I am supposed to share some things about me.

1. I have a mild case of OCD or as my mom likes to call it, "the disease". Examples: If there are two light switches that control one light they both should be down when that light is off. It drives me nuts when I walk downstairs and flip the light switch down to turn the light on, that is not right! I can also tell if someone has moved a picture or the angle is wrong with my decorations on tables, dressers, etc. It used to drive me nuts and I would HAVE to fix it right now. I like to end stairs on my right foot. I'll stop there. The disease gets less the more kids I have, but it does live on (Koby)!

2. I LOVE the smell of my baby's breath. Did I say love? Poor Clay probably gets sick of me in his face smelling his breath - it's the best.

3. I am very impatient. I like to know what is going to happen and when. In movies, life, etc. It is part of the OCD/Controlling thing. It makes Brandon nuts! It makes me nuts!

4. I like to pop zits - you know you do too!

5. This is my FAVORITE time of year (even though it is cold) I get so so so sad when Christmas is all over. I want to tear all the decorations down right away because it is just a reminder to me that it's not here anymore. I must get this from my mom who used to hide and cry in her room after Christmas!

Okay, that's enough telling of my secrets!


Mark & Brigette Russell said...

Good stuff! You are so much fun with your OCD - guess what I think we all have it, just that some of us won't admit to it!! For me it's the way dishes are washed and...well I'm not going to go on. Enjoy Christmas while it's here - Brigette

LAUREN said...

I'm dying laughing. I seriously hear ya out on the light switch thing. Both Joseph and I have that same problem! Baby's breath is oh so good. I like #4 as well. Miss you.

Logan and Ashley said...

I will admit it, I love to pop zits too!! You don't ever have any zits though... We have a lot in common, although I may have a more mild case of the light switch thing. I love that you did this, it is so fun to read!!!