Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The fun continues...

We are still playing hard with Grandma and Austin. Grandma brought these yucky looking critter things that you blow up. So, then they just look like fat disgusting critters. Plus, they are reusable. Austin is the designated blower-upper because he likes to do it and all the adults think they are too yucky to touch, especially with your mouth!
One of our fun activities today was bowling. Here are some cute pics and the boys' great form!

Totally random...Spencer threw his sock and somehow it landed on the wall?! Ya, it wasn't sticky and neither was the wall (although most of the house is about now!) I guess the texture caught a snag or something? Thought it was funny.


Mark & Brigette said...

these are such great cousin pictures! It really makes me sad that our kid-dos are missing hanging out with their cousins right now - who just moved to Alaska! I LOVE THE SOCK, IT'S MY FAVORITE PICTURE ON A BLOG YET!

Cyndi said...

The sock is a riot! How fun for the boys. They are so cute together. I'm sure with your mom there it is super fun!