Saturday, May 31, 2008

Warning:Long Post About Cute One Year Old

I am not offended if you don't read this. It is more for journaling purposes. But, it is about Clay, who is super cute! I will post pics of his day later.

Today my baby turned one. That must have been the fastest year of my life so far. I have a bad feeling that the years will only get faster from here. I am trying my hardest to stop being so picky about my house and to sit down with my kids more often. After Clay's birthday dinner tonight we all went outside and blew bubbles for a while. It was so nice to just enjoy my children and not be worrying about anything else (and there was plenty to worry about!)

Clay is an absolute JOY. I have always said that he is the perfect baby and that he has made number three a piece of cake. He does have his moments and he has had more than his fair share of ear infections (tubes are coming soon), but he is still so great and so happy.
He is starting to "run". He is baby-talking more and more. He constantly imitates us by combing his hair with a brush or comb, putting the phone to his ear and talking, brushing his teeth, stepping on shoes to try to put them on and balls to try and kick them. He LOVES to be outside and playing with the boys anywhere. If they go downstairs or outside without them he will scream and scream until we take him too. He turns his screams on and off in no time. If you take away a toy he will protest, then stop immediately when you give it back.

Clay has the best smile ever. I especially love it when he scrunches up his nose and eyes and shows off those two bottom teeth. He just had one more tooth on the bottom pop through and has at least one of his top teeth just about to. He also has the best laugh. It is so much fun to get him going.

He just started the cutest thing ever - He will come up to someone and say, "Raaaarrrr" It is so funny. I guess that comes from growing up in a household of boys. Brandon, Koby and Spencer are always scaring him or each other.

I love my baby and love being his mom. I know we will continue to have fun and enjoy him.


Logan and Ashley said...

I can't believe he is ONE! I feel like you were just pregnant! Not that you want to feel that way, but that year did go by fast. I hate that they grow up so fast. He is a cute baby though! All of your little boys are cute!

Cyndi said...

I read it, it wasn't too long. I love to hear mom's talk about their kids. Happy Birthday Clay. What a fun day you guys had. He is so cute. I think Clay looks more like Spencer than Coby. Whenever I see pictures of Coby I think of a little Tim. I love your boys.

The Henricksen Journal said...

So sweet. He is such chubby cutie. I loved hearing about his smile, his laugh, talking, roaring, etc. I feel similarly about my little 9 month old. Being a mom isn't always hard I guess. Thanks for reminding me.