Monday, June 23, 2008

Mystery Spots

Clay developed strange red bumps all over his arms and legs. After talking to doctors a few times, we figured it must have been a reaction to his immunizations from a few days earlier - probably the chicken pox vaccine. Every day since then they have progressivly gotten better.

Spencer ended up with a fever and spent half the day sleeping. Well, guess what he had the next day? Red spots all over his arms and legs. They were almost like blisters, but didn't itch him. (The pictures don't do these spots justice)

And, by this time, he was out playing like normal. Since there were so many and they were so strange looking, I called the doctor about them. She was stumped and said that he should probably be seen. Of course it was Saturday and we were at Grandma's (we had a campout the night before). So, off to Urgent Care in Longmont. Diagnosis: ??? "Not sure, but since they don't seem to bother him, just let them be. Unless they get worse, infected or his fever comes back." Can't wait to get the bill for that one! Spencer's spots are also getting better with every day. Koby got the fever and stayed in bed most of the day, but never ended up with spots. If it was chicken pox, I would actually be glad. I trust them getting them younger more than I trust the immunizations. Koby has had both vaccines, and Spencer has just had one of his.


summer said...

That is so CRAZY! I bet it was a mild form of the chicken pox! Haven had her first dose of the whooping cough vaccine and hadn't gotten the second dose yet. She came down with it when she was 5 months old. It was scary... luckily it was more mild than it could have been. Glad they are better!