Sunday, July 20, 2008

30 Years and 4 Days

I am a little late posting about my birthday and my thoughts on turning 30. We had a fun family date the night before. We went to MeMe's Brick Oven Pizza and to see Wall-E. On Saturday, my actual birthday, I played tennis first thing in the morning. That is my new thing - at least I am trying to make it be. So, Brandon got me a tennis racket and balls with a really cute bag for my birthday. I also got a new camera. This has been a long process in deciding what kind of camera to get. I am happy with the decision I made. I went from wanting a large and complicated camera, to a tiny and more simple one. I am still learning about it, but so far I really like it. Plus, it cost quite a bit less. It is literally the size of a razor phone! There is no way I would be able to handle a more serious camera like I was thinking about getting. Anyway, the rest of the day we spent at Brandon's parents house swimming, eating, etc. Thanks to Brandon for the nice birthday post. For anyone interested, he spent time (with my dad's help) getting pictures of me when I was much younger. Thankfully, there are none once I hit Junior High! Here is the link.

I thought I would take a moment to reflect on my life right now. Too often, I have a hard time seeing my blessings and realizing all that I have. So, I have forced myself to see 30 things that I LOVE about my life:

1. I love Brandon and his perfect patience and support.

2. I love Koby and his happiness and concern for others.

3. I love Spencer and his silliness and friendliness.

4. I love Clay and his curiousity and fun self.

5. I love the Gospel in my life.

6. I love my my calling in the church.

7. I love being a wife.

8. I love chocolate.

9. I love a great and fun workout.

10. I love my sister and mom and being such great friends with them.

11. I love staying home with my children.

12. I love playing tennis (hopefully I get good!)

13. I love the beach.

14. I love watching my kids play (nicely).

15. I love shopping.

16. I love having a clean house.

17. I love having an organized house (closets, under beds and all).

18. I love black. And white, cream and khaki. I also love most shades of green. And brown.

19. I love Christmas.

20. I love a beautifully wrapped present.

21. I love baby's breath.

22. I love my grandparents and their influence in my life.

23. I love Brandon's family.

24. I love a fun party and playing games.

25. I love ice cream (especially chocolate).

26. I love a massage.

27. I love that families are forever.

28. I love that our Heavenly Father forgives.

29. I love the water and watching my kids have the time of their life anytime they swim.

30. I love being a mom.


The Russell's said...

This is a great post! Happy Birthday! - we're the same age now - are you feeling old? I did when I found my first gray hair on my 30th birhtday! Yikes, more followed too! You're so sweet and thoughtful - thanks for sharing!

Jonn said...

Cami--I love you! You are such a wonderful, perfect daughter. Hope your birthday was good--see you soon! Love ya, Dad

Ali said...


Logan and Ashley said...

Happy way late birthday!! It was great to see you in Target the other day. Anna invited me to tennis and I haven't been able to come yet, but I am hoping to make it one of these days. Maybe I will see you there. Have fun on vacation!