Monday, October 27, 2008

Meet the Neigh-bors

I mentioned before that our house is in a dead end with just one other home. There is an empty lot right next to us (not large enough for a home to be built) that the boys call "the dump". Today I learned that they throw trash in "the dump". There is a large fenced area next to "the dump" that is just an empty field. But, today there were three horses there. Of course, we had to go feed them carrots and apples. It was the highlight of the day. Here are pictures of our neigh-bors (Sorry, I couldn't help but use the dump pun!)


Mallory said...

I love the pun! I bet the boys love having those horses right there!

The Russell's said...

How awesome to have horses so close! Your boys must love it! Great pictures Cami -