Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Break with Grandma Jennis

Brandon's mom came to town this week for our Spring Break and we couldn't have had more fun! She played with the boys non-stop - I am not kidding. From the time she got off the plane, to the time we dropped her off to go home she was reading, singing, telling stories, listening to their stories, playing and taking us on fun dates. This woman is the most fun person I know. If you know her, you will agree. And, if you ever go to her house, you will not want to leave. I love Brandon's family and feel sorry for those of you who don't absolutely love your in-laws too. We were not ready for Grandma to leave when she did, it was a great visit. Although we missed Grandpa Gary.
Day one: We picked Grandma up from the airport and went straight to the zoo. It was a beautiful, warm day and not busy until we were walking out - Perfect!
Clay was inspired by all the animals...
After the zoo, Grandma took the boys to McDonald's to eat and play. Once we got home, she put together a great Easter egg hunt in the front yard (yes our yard is white trash) and passed out other Easter prizes.
I was so pleased that Clay was loving her right away and not being shy. She is the best. Stay tuned for days 2-5!


mallorycumrine said...

You're right-she is the best!! I am glad you guys had fun with her there! Miss you, Love you!