Friday, May 8, 2009

Throwback Snack

I remember having this as a snack when I was younger. I think we called it bugs on a log. Lately, I've brought it back into my life and have been eating it for lunch most days. My kids think it looks disgusting, but I love it. Anyone else remember these? What other snacks have we forgotten about that are worth bringing back?


Kim said...

I had a snack nearly as healthy today! I found these cupcakes that were heaven!!! It seriously looked like they used an ice cream scoop (like an ice cream store scoop, not a home one) to put the ice cream on! YUM YUM YUM!! I will dream good tonight (but cry when I get home)

Valerie said...

I remember these! I think we called them "ants on a log". A couple of things that I remember loving as a kid, that my kids love are Rice Krispie Treats and Smores, neither of which are healthy, but oh so yummy!! We make the smores in the oven on a cookie sheet by putting marshmallows on grahams for a like five minutes, then putting the chocolate and other half of graham on after taking it out. Mmmmmm..... sticky greatness.

Emily said...

Bugs on a log . . . doesn't sound very appetizing to me! But I'm sure little boys LOVE IT! I'm sure it tastes good too!

How about sweet peas? I just bought some at Costco. YUM.