Saturday, May 9, 2009

Motherhood Continues

I have been guilty of holding my newborn baby in the hospital and being incredibly sad as I thought about the day that he would leave my home and have a new life of his own.
But, if the relationship that I have with my mom right now says anything about my future with my children, then I no longer need to dread that day (as much). Being a mother doesn't end when your children get married or move out - it just changes. Of course I will always be grateful for the time my mom spent at home raising me and my five siblings. But, I continue to love her as a mom and friend. And she does take care of me still in many ways. What a great time we have together and what a blessing she is to me in my life. Happy Mother's Day!


Emily said...

The day I was over at Kim's house I could tell you and Kim had a very good relationship with your mom. She was your mom, but also a friend, someone you would choose to hang out with.

I wish I had that. My favorite sister and I are always secretly jealous of our friends who have mothers that are not only moms, but friends. (Now my secrets out!)

My mom is a very good mom, but our relationship is not like this at all. I'd be happy if she just read my blog every once in a while on her own.

I have a WONDERFUL sister that fills the mother/friend slot in my life, so don't feel too bad for me!