Sunday, July 19, 2009

A little culture in my life

I had the chance to attend a few events the last week or so that make me sound like a cultured woman. My sister, Kim bought tickets for her and her husband to enjoy a romantic night at the symphony - under the stars at the Thanksgiving Point waterfall gardens. But, it was their Father and Sons campout that night, so her husband wouldn't even be around. Lucky for me, I got to enjoy the romantic evening with her! It was so much fun - thanks Kim, for being airheaded enough to double book your husband!
To us, the symphony sounded so fancy and cultured. Neither of us knew the set up of the waterfall gardens. We were both planning on decking out for the event. Heels, jewelry, the works. Luckily Kim had to call about her tickets and the lady told her to remember her blanket or lawn chair. Little did we know there would be hot dogs, kettle corn and jeans. Boy, would we have felt out of place. A week later (during my boys' Father and Sons) I had a girls night at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert. Complete with a live orchestra. It was so wonderful and such a fun night. Here we are with the Salt Lake temple in the background.
Lexi (my bro's new wife) , me, mom Judy, Shelbie (my other bro's wife) and a great neighbor Colleen. (We missed Kim) This picture got funnier and funnier as the night went on. And by one in the morning, it was hilarious. Anyone else think Shelbie looks like a beauty queen with that crown on top of her head?


Sarah said...

How fun! I love going to the symphony. Looks like you all had a great time!

Emily said...

Too funny! Love the crown on the head. Nice touch. :)