Saturday, July 18, 2009

A tall glass of heaven

My amazing Grandma Marilyn lives in Southern California and has a lemon tree in her backyard. It's magic, I tell you. There is nothing like showing up at Grandma's and lounging on her leather couches with a glass of her lemonade. Mmmmm heaven. This magical lemon tree produces lots of beautiful lemons. The last few times anyone has gone to see Grandma and Grandpa, they have brought home loads of lemons. We juice them, pour them in empty water bottles, and freeze the ones we won't be using right away. Then there is this really technical and secret recipe of adding the lemon juice to a pitcher of ice water and lots of sugar. We sip, add more sugar, sip, add more lemon juice, sip, add more get the point. Grandma can do it perfectly the first time.
A few of us have tried this with just regular old lemons from the grocery store and it's not the same. It's Grandma Marilyn's home-grown Southern California lemons that make the magic happen!
Kim juicing all the lemons...(Why did I not get a picture of the beautiful lemons? Or the finished product? Sorry, you just get my beautiful sister)


The Russell's said...

oh my goodness, that sounds SO good! Look at the bright yellow color -- yummy & beautiful! I need a lemon tree -- guess I'll have to get that green house first!

summer said...

SO? Are you guys here? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What are you doing this week? Wanna go celebrate? Call me!!!