Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bad Meat = Bad Night

When I got home from my presidency meeting last night, I got the report on how my boys' night was here. When I heard that all the kids ate ham sandwiches I was a little concerned. I haven't bought lunch meat for a long time, I don't remember when. Brandon said it smelled fine and they all ate it with no problems. Hmmm, we'll see....
Not an hour later Koby was throwing up - all over the bed and wall, all over his floor, all over the hallway floor, all over the bathroom. Poor guy couldn't even stand up. He kept collapsing. We forced him into the bath where we could clean him off and see his face again. I put an old towel down by his bed that was used probably 4 more times throughout the night.
Clay was next, but luckily not nearly as severe. Just a few times of "oooewy stuff".
There wasn't much sleeping here until after 3am!
Spencer was fine all night and now he and Clay are playing like nothing happened while Koby still rolls around in bed holding his stomach.
Brandon feels awful. He thought he was making a good choice giving them ham sandwiches instead of ice cream!


The Russell's said...

ahhh! I'm so sorry - what a night!

Lopez Life said...

That doesn't sound like fun at all!!!

The Green With The Girl Eyes♥™ said...
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