Monday, January 25, 2010

Our life...updated

Our lives changed slightly last October when Brandon found himself out of a job (I will not bring up details, old grudges, pain, etc.). Once again, we found ourselves fasting and praying as hard as we could (this seems to happen a lot the last few years!) Our Heavenly Father is real and loves us. Just before Christmas Brandon was able to start a new job. A job he loves. But patience has still been key, as it is full commission. I don't love that idea, but that is pretty much all I have known since we've been married.
His old job was 2 miles away. So, it was easy to live a year with only one car. Now, he is 20-30 minutes away and takes my car everyday. Lucky for me, I have a saint mother who shares her car. Every night or morning we plan our days out - who needs the car when, can you watch the kids at this time? (she watches two preschoolers during the day). My sister calls us sister wives. HaHa!
This week, though, we should be getting a car! We have been ready for a month or so, just waiting for the right car to be available. It has been a job for me to keep up with all the new listings and sort through them, make phone calls, test drive, have them checked out, etc. Brandon absolutely hates doing that kind of stuff and just waits until I present him with his own car again. Lucky for me, I have a saint dad who has come to my rescue and all but taken over. We are so grateful.
Life goes on. I hope to not have very many more major life changes. But, as I am constantly reminded - I am not in charge! And that's okay.


The Russell's said...

AMEN - Sister! It will be so great to be two car household again!

Ali said...

Great news on getting another car! Your parents are so wonderful!

Jason and Summer, but really just Summer said...

How lucky to live so close to your family so they can help out. You have a great family. It will be nice to have another car and to feel like you have some freedom again!