Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother, I Love You...

Mother, I do. Father in Heaven has sent me to you. When I am near you I want to hear you singing so softly that you love me too. Mother, I love you. I love you. I do!
Okay, maybe I don't want to hear my mom singing, but I love to be near her and feel of her love.
Yesterday was a busy day for me. All of the mothers I love so much left me alone to take care of Sunday dinner. They were all with their mothers - my mom and sister went to California to visit my grandma. My sister-in-law Shelbie went to Kanab to be with her mom. And my other sister-in-law Lexi spent the day with her family. We did invite my Grandma (dad's mom) over for dinner. It was nice to be with her and she was helpful. Needless to say, I didn't have time for the computer and blogging.
I went to bed last night with a deep love for my children, but feeling incredibly indadequate and unable to measure up to the perfect examples of motherhood around me. I feel like part of my feelings right now are satan telling me I can't do it. But, part is a true realization that I need to try a little harder to be a little better.
My mother is a great strength to me in my life right now. Whenever I feel sad about my children growing up and leaving my home, I think about the relationship I have with my mom right now. Of course, my mother raised me and did a fabulous job being a mom in my younger years. But, she continues to mother me (and all around her) in amazing ways. I am forever grateful for her. Which makes me forever grateful for her mother too. I feel I will never measure up to these women, but I need to and will try my hardest!
Happy Mother's Day!


AJ said...

I only hope that someday our son's will grow up to want a wife like their mom and they will want to be the strength to their children that we were to them. I agree our mom's are such amazing women I only hope that I can be more like my mom too. Happy Mother's day!

Jonn said...

Cami, my dear, don't you know that you are already just like your mom? I can't imagine a better young mother and wife than you! I love you! Dad

Jason and Summer, but really just Summer said...

Oh your dad is so sweet...and right!! You are a great mother and a wonderful example of what motherhood is all about. Thanks for being a great example and strength to me!!!