Sunday, June 6, 2010

Clay, Hudson and Swiper - a dangerous combination

Swiper (that troublemaker from Dora the Explorer) teamed up with Clay and Hudson (before he moved away). The two boys were taking a bath together. When I came to check on them, I found water all over the floor, along with wet toilet paper. I heard the toilet flushing and realized that it was full of bath toys. So I made them fish all the toys out and get dressed.
It took a good hour of Brandon's time that night to unclog the toilet. He ended up having to take it off to get the right angle. Finally, out came Swiper. Then, as he tipped the toilet back over, found two more toys. Luckily, Brandon has become handy with things around the house. And, yes, he was sporting the full "plumber's look" to complete the job.


Lopez Life said...

We've had to do that more than once!

Lydia Moon said...

You are lucky that Brandon is so handy! lol. My kids have not thought to try this trick yet. I think we would have to call a professional.