Friday, August 27, 2010


It doesn't seem like too long ago that Spencer was so excited to get glasses. But, this summer he has started to complain about them. I imagine they are hot and annoying to wear for active things. So, we finally got an appointment with his eye doctor to talk about contacts. Spencer was a happy boy walking out of that appointment with no glasses on! The doctor was amazed that he could take the contacts out on his own the first try. Every night, he takes them out and every morning I put them in for him. It has been three weeks and I am finally used to seeing him without glasses. I LOVE his handsome huge brown eyes and loooong eyelashes. Now they aren't hiding anymore!


Julie said...

Wow! Our doctor didn't recommend contacts for kids until they were much older- you guys sure are lucky! Hope that goes well for you and enjoy the big brown eyes! :)