Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet Fireball

When Koby was small (like 3 maybe) he wanted a pet. I thought I was being smart by telling him when he was 8 and baptized he could get one. Little did I know that he would remember and hold me to it. One good thing about renting right now is that I could use that as an excuse to not get a dog or cat. We went to the pet store for some advice and decided on a hamster. I found a cage and wheel/car on ksl for cheap. Koby used his birthday money to pay for the hamster and his food. "Fireball" is a dwarf hamster and actually pretty cute. The boys are having fun with him and so far Koby takes good care of him.


Cruz's said...

Your Fireball is more beautiful than my Ninja ahaha ha ah ah aa

Jason and Summer, but really just Summer said...

We have been going through this phase as well! Anika was convinced she wanted a hamster. Her cousin Colter has one. While in Utah this sumer she spent a lot of time with him and his hamster. When we came home she deceided she know longer wants one because in her words "they stink and make to much noise at night". I thought I was off the hook...but nope! Our family is currently working towards 'earning' a dog. They have a huge marble jar they have to fill by being obiedient and respectful to one another. My hope is it takes months to me a little more time! I must say fireball is awefully cute!