Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Favorite Child?

My sister's good friend has a baby about Camryn's age. Her husband begs her to at least PRETEND that she likes the rest of the family and not make it so obvious that the baby is the favorite. She has a good point that the baby doesn't talk back, always likes the food she provides, doesn't leave messes around the house, and is always pleasant to her.

As I went to do an updated post on Camryn, I realized that maybe I better pretend to like the rest of my family as much and add a few lines about each child! This may bore some of you. I apologize, but I am having problems coming up with blogging topics lately.

Koby FINALLY lost another tooth. That means for now, all he wants for Christmas are his two front teeth! (I wish that was all he wanted!)
Spencer is obsessed with writing books. I am getting even better at reading phonetic spelling! Oh, and he realized today that he has his first loose tooth (barely!)
Side note: My children are so slow at losing their teeth. Koby is in 2nd grade and has lost 4 teeth. But, he is the age of a 3rd grader. Most 1st graders have lost more teeth than he has!
Koby and Spencer just finished off a super fun soccer season...
Clay is a copy cat to his older brothers and a great babysitter for Camryn during the day. She LOVES just watching him do whatever it is he's doing. And he loves showing off for her! He is excited to start his "art school" with his cousin for the next six weeks.

Clay wearing Spencer's glasses...

Camryn is all but crawling. Why do I not have any pictures of that? It's the cutest thing. She can really get around without actually crawling at this point though. I was surprised to discover today that she has something sharp poking through her gums (obviously early for my children). It sounds cliche, but WHY? I JUST gave birth to this child. Every day when she was tiny Spencer would whisper in her ear, "Don't grow. Always stay this small." They NEVER listen!
Me? I finally lost all my weight from Camryn. But, I keep finding a pound or two, then losing it again, then finding it... This darn fall weather is making me eat! Ladies, why is it that even after getting back to an old weight, your body is still not the same? Things are rearranged and flabby. Uuuuggghh! Thank goodness for husbands who love you no matter what! And for clothes that hide things well!


Cyndi said...

I loved this post. Your boys are so cute and getting so big. I was just telling Paul last night that David was my favorite. I can't help it, his little face melts my heart. I have more patience with him. Weird, because I always thought girls would be my favorite.

My theory about same weight BUT different body is: all my muscle and tight skin turned to squishy fat and tissue. I feel like a dropping flower. I just can't get it to be tight again. You are amazing! Congratulations on loosing the weight.

Janet said...

When I saw you running the other day I thought you looked great! Way to go getting the baby weight off! And your kids are darling!

Dana DeLuca said...

I don't even try to pretend. She gives much quicker positive reinforcement. Congrats on finally having a girl. I am enjoying it more than I thought I would.