Friday, February 4, 2011

Healing Drinking Fountain

When Clay was 1 he had tubes put in his ears since he was rarely without an infection. Those tubes are gone now and once in a while he still suffers from an ear infection. Looks like Camryn might be on the same path, unfortunately. Her and Clay were both in the dr. last weekend for infections. Poor Clay's was so bad and included a blister about to burst! I had never heard of that. He is like Spencer and has a high pain tolerance. So, he didn't mention anything until the pain became severe. I figured I would take Camryn in with him, but wasn't sure. She had just been a little fussy and it easily could have been teething. But, with her track record, you know...Both her ears were infected.
Anyway, Brandon teases that we are just going to install a drinking fountain that dispenses antibiotics. And we don't mess around with amoxicillin around here. We have to go straight to the strong stuff!
Here's Clay when he had his surgery. And Camryn a month ago, just because she's cute! Which reminds me, I need to get pictures on my computer to show off to you all!


Julie said...

I hate ear infections... Caleb and Kellie are prone to them and we have gone though the tubes also. I had to smile because I too have thought that our house would never be antibiotic-free. (By the way, we have to skip the amoxicillin too, it just doesn't cut it anymore)Hope they feel better soon!

Cruz's said...

sorry for him ... i hope he get better fast!

Amy said...

We have the same problem at our house. My first two had ear infections and bursting ear drums and tubes. Then when they grew out of that they went right to tonsilitis and strep. Now we have a pair less tonsils in our house. My preemie though, not even one! Go figure?