Wednesday, June 15, 2011

(Justin) Beaver

I haven't uploaded (or downloaded?) pictures to my computer in over a month. For some reason, I think a blog post needs to be accompanied by pictures, which is why I haven't done a proper blog post in a while. This post has no pictures. And it is skipping right over Clay's 4th birthday, our 13th anniversary and our family vacation.

Rewind exactly one year ago...our way to California for family vacation. Our car has transmission problems a couple hours into the trip. Mechanics tell us to turn around and go home. We don't listen and make it to St. George, pulling into the service station an hour or so before they close. All at the station are amazed that it ends up being a simple, quick, and fairly cheap problem to fix as we take over the waiting room - controlling the tv and making pb and j sandwiches...and we are on our way.

Last Saturday...on our way home from family vacation (please let this NOT be part of the tradition!) Again, transmission problems (the first since the year before). We get as far as Beaver (or as Clay calls it, Justin Beaver!) Luckily, family was driving within a few miles and stopped with us. After assessing the situation, it is decided that the car needs to stay and be worked on the next week. My family of 6 with all of our vacation stuff does not easily squeeze into an already full minivan and truck. But, we did it! We loaded the back of the truck with our stuff, folded the seats down in the van (I know, not safe. But, the babies had carseats), double buckled a few kids in the back of the truck, and we were on our way. Today was the day that Brandon and I got to drive back to Beaver to get the van. It was actually nice having some alone time together, even if it was driving. We got to Beaver and I was craving (NOT in a pregnant sort of way) frozen yogurt. The girl at the gas station said there was none in town. She had never tried it before, "but heard it was really good." Funny! No, actually, sad! I was dreading the drive home (just over two hours alone in the car). But, for most of the trip we enjoyed a lightning storm all around us and an amazing sunset. But no frozen yogurt :(