Sunday, January 29, 2012

Paint projects

We've lived in this house for six months now. We got settled quickly, enjoyed the end of summer, started a new school year and got through the, it's time to get serious about some projects. I am feeling so accomplished lately, so I just had to share!

Before we moved I was prepping my kitchen table and chairs for a makeover. I wanted to do it right rather than just good ol' spray paint since it's a nice, solid wood set (just a lighter wood that doesn't match anything anymore). I finished my table and benches pretty quickly, but the four chairs have been haunting me ever since. This week was the week, I put off other responsibilities around the house and painted. I am in LoVe with the end result...My camera and the pics aren't great, but it's a white top with gray glaze and soft blue legs and chairs.

Lucky for me, when I moved in the whole main level was painted a color that I already love. It matches all my furniture and decor perfectly. The three kids bedrooms upstairs all needed painting though. A few weeks ago, we had a super busy Saturday suddenly open up. We were spontaneous, we put on our painting clothes and went to work. My pictures aren't great, but it's something. And, we still haven't really decorated yet. Maybe I'll post more pics once we finish decorating. Maybe.

This was the color of one of the literally matched the blue painter's tape almost perfectly!

Again, hard to really see, but it's a perfect soft gray. I love it. It's inspired me to do a beach/surf room for the two younger ones. I think it's hard to decorate a room shared by a boy and girl.

For the baseball fan...we actually just used the paint that was left here from the basement. I love it. Khaki and a great brick red covers soft yellow (which wasn't too bad, but didn't work for what we were doing).We even have this room mostly decorated.

Sadly, I had to paint over my favorite super pale pink room. It was supposed to be my girl room. But, turns out, my girl needs to share a room. Otherwise there is LOTS of crying, which leads to throwing up, etc, etc. So, a great neutral creates a clean slate for the future BYU football room...

By the way, here's a small glimpse at what happens when mom and dad are busy painting...Rolos and oranges, anyone? I'll spare you the rest of the messes.


Lydia Moon said...

Your table and chairs are beautiful! I love them! What fun you must be having with your decorating projects! Keep the pictures coming. :)

Cyndi said...

looks great! good work.