Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beautiful Life

I am in an incredibly busy time of life. I'm not complaining. But, because of this, some things suffer. Blogging is one of them. But, blogging is also sometimes the only "journaling" I do. If I tried to catch up on all that I've missed, I would just overwhelm myself. So, a few random ramblings...

First to mention, my baby turned 2! I still threaten to change her name to Ivy like I wanted. It's hard to name a baby in a hormonal, drugged state. She is hilarious, sweet and fun. I had three boys and was just fine having another one. I didn't realize how much I needed a girl. Plus, it has really been the coolest thing to watch my husband with her. It's been like watching him have a first baby all over again. Although, sometimes I think I'm jealous of her:) She is independent. I always say that if I died or passed out, she would be just fine until B got home from work. She can do most things for herself. It is messy when she tries to change her own diaper, though.

My first baby is 9 1/2. The next is 8 . They are big boys. I literally jump sometimes when they walk by or walk in the room because I think there is an adult male stranger in my house! They are stinky and in that funny teeth stage. But, we love them and love that they are still young enough to be with us almost all the time. We put them to bed every night, tucking them in, reading, etc. Our new house allows all of us to sleep on the same level and I will have it that way as long as possible.

I must mention something about my soon-to-be-kindergartner. He is a joy. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him immediately. I am not exaggerating. I will be sad to send him to school, but he will love it. He is our translator for the baby when we can't understand her. He has a finger full of warts (what a boy!) that his sister calls bubbles. He has lots of friends, but prefers to play at home with them (mamma's boy...I'm ok with it).

Recently I've been around several women who complain about their husband (not any close friends, just happened to be around these women). I can't think of one thing about my husband to complain about. I am lucky!

Life is Good!