Friday, February 10, 2012

Groundhog Day

This morning I stirred when B left me with a kiss. The house was still dark and quiet (like every morning)

Not long after, I woke up with a headache:(

I forced myself downstairs anyway to make waffles for my kids for breakfast.

I also made two pb and creamy honey sandwiches cut into puzzle pieces for lunches (the usual).

We practiced spelling as the kids ate (it was a rough week for spelling words).

Then I played catch with a football with my two littlest (the girl does NOT understand how to catch. At all. Folding your arms does not work) while the boys unloaded the dishwasher.

Once dressed, prayers said and teeth brushed, my big boys did their reading back in bed. Instead of sitting on top of vents blowing warm air like they normally do)

This morning I did not go to the gym. And I'm ok with that (because of the headache, and I didn't feel like making the little ones get up and ready and out the door quickly). Once in a while we just need a down day, you know?

I carpooled my big boys and their bffs (our great neighbors) to school in my pjs with no makeup or hair done (like most of the mom's I saw).

I chatted with my other great neighbor on my driveway just after I caught her bringing my garbage can back up to the house (I'm lucky, I know).

This morning was really just another "groundhog day" morning (besides not going to the gym) as I like to call it....the same old day over and over again. But, I'm ok that. It's a good morning to re-live over and over. With my favorite people:)

Plus,a funny picture from the other night when Camryn was doing my hair...a girl child is fun!
Again, sorry for the poor quality of phone pictures.
PS - This year my blog focus is more for me and my family, so if you don't care about my groundhog morning, sorry. Kind of.