Friday, February 8, 2008

When Mom's Away, the Kids Play - Colorado Version

Okay, to follow the post by John (via Kim's blog), here is our version of what happens when mom leaves for a few days. (by the way, this is Brandon writing this post). Cami went to Utah to spend a girls weekend away with her sister Kimberly. While that is an experience in and of itself, here is what happened after Cami left town.

Immediately after Cami was gone, the boys took over and we haven't looked back. While we are trying to keep things in order, it is apparent that there is very little order anywhere around here.

Before I get to the pictures, I have to first say to John - you had magnetics all over the floor, is that as bad as you had it? Please. Did that take you about 5 minutes to clean up? (LOL) That's nothing. I was in the kitchen trying to clean up breakfast when Koby walked in and proudly announced that he messed up all three bedrooms, simply because mom was gone and he could. No other reason then that. Anyways, check these out.

Notice in all these first pictures, they are in their undies. Nothing new about that though, that is how they are whether Cami is gone or not.

This is AFTER we had to clean up every one of their drawers because they pulled their clothes out and threw them all over the place. It is also after Koby cleaned up all the people and put them back in their box.

This is Clay's room.

Here is Spencer cleaning up Clay's room. By the way - nice slippers Spencer (they are a new pair that Cami just got).

This is day two of the weekend. We slept out in the front room last night (a tradition that the boys do about twice a month). We pull the matresses off the beds and make popcorn and watch a movie.

It is fun when mom leaves, but nice to have her around. Spencer and Koby both have told me more than once that they miss Clay and Mom and are excited to have them back.


Mark & Brigette Russell said...

You're hilarious, Brandon! Taking these pictures and doing your own post! Mark and I had a great laugh over this!! What a great memory.

Sarah said...

Boys weekend sounds like fun!! If I took a weekend with girlfriends I would come back to a sterile home! My poor husband!! We have girl's night everynight!!

Cyndi said...

What a great husband you are!