Friday, May 9, 2008


One of Koby and Spencer's favorite things to do is to have a "campout" with dad. This used to mean moving both of their mattresses into the family room where they would enjoy popcorn and candy while watching a movie. Then, of course, sleep out there with dad. Meanwhile, I normally do something really productive like paint my toenails or write in my journal, blog, etc. Then I get to sleep diagonal and take up whatever space and blanket I want! A few campouts ago I took away the move the mattresses part of it, it is a hassle! So, they would still make beds on the ground to sleep. Tonight, there was a new twist added - a downstairs campout (in our unfinished basement)! Clay enjoyed being with the big boys for an hour or so before I put him to bed. This is how I left them...Sleep tight, I know I will!


Logan and Ashley said...

How fun! Logan and Reid need to do this sometime. I think it is so fun for dads to have fun with their boys!!