Saturday, May 10, 2008

J-U-D-Y spells the greatest mom ever!

J is for Joyful, U is for Unmean, D is for Dandy, Y is for Yippity

My little brother, Jonny wrote this for my mom when he was very young. We love it, what a cute (and accurate) description of Judy Claybaugh. She is incredibly selfless in every meaning of the word, anyone who knows her will (and does) say that she is ALWAYS serving in some way. What a great example, and what a perfect quality for a mom to have. I love my mom and am so happy that I got to grow up under her care, and now continue to learn from her. She is an amazing woman and I only hope to somewhat measure up to her. She is also such a fun and involved grandma, what a blessing. I often think about what she might do in certain situations, and if I'm feeling really strong, then I might actually do what she would! Happy Mothers Day!! Also, to the other great mothers in my family...My wonderful mother-in-law, Jennis Hansen, my sister Kimberly Jonas, my sisters-in-law, Shelbie Claybaugh, Chenel Harden, Marcie Hansen, and Mallory Cumrine, and don't forget the Grandma's, Grandma Marilynn (Garlock), Claybaugh and Chipman!


Kim said...

C- Caring
A- Animated
M- MMM good cook
I- Invovled
Ok, so it's cuter coming from a 6 year old!
We were so lucky to have an "unmean" mom. She really is the very best! Thanks for putting that out there.