Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weekend Happenings with my boys

Last week we had rain for probably 24 hours straight with a few bouts of some great downpours. I love Summer rain. We let the boys go crazy for a good 30-45 minutes until we all got too cold.

Brandon was a fun dad and uncle Thursday night and hosted a sleepover with the boys and their cousins (minus Blake, who we missed). I did hair, so he was in charge of the whole thing. Clay was excited to be involved. Everyone wanted to sleep next to each other, so this is what we ended up with. Notice how cute Clay is and how he just fits right in!
Friday the fun continued when a dump truck delivered a huge pile of dirt. Koby and Spencer were great helpers and literally spent the whole day outside with Brandon hauling all the dirt back to the garden.
That night we went over to Relay for Life and hung out for a bit. The boys got cotton candy, bounced in a bounce house, bouncy slide, and the cutest of all was them dancing to a band. Clay LOVED it, especially when Koby and Spencer ran circles around him as he danced. It was so much fun to watch them. Saturday we all went to the temple for a Primary activity. I went in and did some work while Brandon stayed out with the boys. He said it was fun and the boys had a good time. A lot crammed into one post, but I guess I got behind after that weekend!