Saturday, August 2, 2008

One More Day!

One of the main reasons that I have been a serious slacker at blogging is that we are finally going on our summer vacation. It is such a late vacation that we will miss the first day of school! SO, all week I have been swamped and have been lucky if I even turn on the computer, let alone blog. But, tonight I got caught up on all of my awesome friends and thier lives. It made me want to do a post, even though I am picture-less and don't have any great stories.
I have finished all my Super Saturday prep (this alone was a killer - especially with no Enrichment committee) and September Enrichment invitations, plus, cleaning, shopping, laundry (sheets, towels and all), some packing, haircuts, a date with my hubbie, tennis lessons, and of course, a little more organization in some closets, drawers and food storage. I was basically Super Woman this week (well, every week I am, right?) ha. But, I am on vacation on Monday and I am really good at forgetting my real life when I'm with my mom and sister. I will try to blog while away though.