Saturday, November 22, 2008

Runner's High?

I have heard of this before, but not sure it exists. For years I have been a faithful (4-6 times a week) Jazzercise-er (don't knock it before you try it!) I loved it and feel there were results from it. I credit Jazzercise to my awesome pregnancy and recovery with Clay. Since moving to Utah, I have not found a workout program that works for me. I have not wanted to commit to anywhere yet, so for now I am month to month at the Rec. Center where I take aerobic or toning classes when I can. But, that is not often enough for me, so I have taken matters into my own hands...Running. Yuck! I really really don't like it. I have been doing this route which is just about two miles. The first half is uphill, so it gets the job done in a short amount of time. And I make sure to run (okay, jog) the whole way. I am getting better, meaning I don't think I am going to die in the middle of it, but still don't like it. I am especially worried about keeping up some sort of great workout through the holidays. Because, I will enjoy my english toffee, caramels, fudge, you get the point! Is there any hope for me to discover the runner's high? Unfortunately, it will not stay this warm forever and I may be forced to stop.


The Russell's said...

ok Cami - wow - Good for you! First of all running is hard - so you're actually out there doing something that MOST people will never do! Start by feeling great about that... when I started running it took months before I felt the high -- the 'oh my goodness' -- 'I'm running, I'm out here running, and it feels amazing' -- I still remember that run, I was on 35th Ave in Greeley! Sad news, as most runners will tell you - there's a lot of running as habit to do in between those 'wow, this is a great run' runs.

My first suggestion, change of scenery - chart a new course, but keep your current course in your portfolio! Go to enter your zip in pulls up a map of your area and you can pinpoint how far it is to run from 'here to there' or 'out and back' --and it will let you save your runs and NAME them, ie EASY RUN...TOFFEE CRUNCHER... Second, RACE - runner's are fantastic people - and it feels great just to be around them at the races, but the sense of accomplishment and push to keep up the good work -- of running -- always does it for me! Speaking of which I need to take my own advice on that one - Turkey Trot...Jingle Bell Run - here I come! Third, read about your new sport -- -- LOVE IT - there's such great advice for beginner's there and an inspirational story or two never hurt anyone! Forth, and I probably should've put this first run with your favorite music! LOVE MY IPOD! You can even tailor your run to your music to get you thru. Music gets me thru the 'is this run over yet' runs!! Fifth, CUTE CLOTHES - be excited to run cause of your cute new running clothes that you can buy a step at a time. And cute warm running clothes will keep you outside running when the cold comes, let me know if you need suggestions on cold weather gear - I have favorites! Stay away from cotton...

OK - I really like...LOVE running. and this may be the longest comment ever - so I'll stop. BUT Keep it up - the results are fantastic - and there's so many results you will LOVE as a runner! WAY TO BE!

josh&stef said...

I love my rec center. Here is my schedule:

Monday: 1 hour of step
Tuesday: 1 hour of turbo kick boxing
Wednesday: step again
Thursday: upper body
Friday: butts and gutts but i am trying a spin class for awhile.

Keep modivated!

Cyndi said... will come. Unfortunately this is the worse time to pick up running: holidays + winter = burning cold throat with a chocolate jiggle.

(not saying you have jiggle, because you don't)

Off the subject, did you know your blog is open to search engines? When editing your layout you can say "no" to search engines. I googled myself and my comments from your blog pop up. Maybe you already know this...I just thought I would let you know.

Logan and Ashley said...

Okay so there isn't much I can add to that, except that yes it will come. When it does it feels so good. It is such a huge release! I agree wtih the first comment though. It takes time and a lot of running. Change of course is the best way to make it happen and to keep the feeling there. I am so proud of you for running. I hope you get into doing some races, they are a totaly blast! Good luck and keep it up!

Crystel said...

You're awesome to keep going Cami! Keep it up!

brandon said...

you look good when you run.

Emily said...

I HATE running too! I LOVE P90X or the 10 minute trainer with Tony Horton. Also, I love Pilates. All of these are great indoor workouts that don't require you to get a membership somewhere.