Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When I grow up I want to be...

...just like this woman. My Mother, Judy, Grandma JuJu - The BIRTHDAY girl!

If you know her, this needs no explanation. She is THE most selfless person I know (and happens to be married to a very selfless man). I think she must get sick of hearing her name and "service" in the same sentence, because that is what we all associate her with. As a mother and grandmother she is amazingly patient, incredibly fun, a wonderful example in all she does and is always concerned about others happiness. I love her and really do hope to grow up to be even a bit like her. I have been told before in blessings to think of my saintly mother and the way she would act in certain situations, then follow those guidelines. I am truly grateful for her in my life and hope that she knows it! I will stop embarrasing her now! Happy Birthday!


mallorycumrine said...

Aww...Tell your momma Happy Birthday from us! :)

Kim said...

You've got something brown on your nose.
JK We seriously did something right to be her daughters!