Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Birthday Boy #1

Happy Birthday to my amazing husband, Brandon! What a guy. My children are so lucky to have such a great dad who loves to play with them and listen to their stories and build things, make projects, read to them, play games, and just take the time to be a dad. This sounds like a Father's Day post, but being a father IS Brandon and I am grateful for that.
Lucky for me, he also happens to be the perfect man for me. There are times when I can't even live with myself and I think, "Man, if I am bothering myself this much then I am sure Brandon wants out of here!" But, no, he is patient as can be and loves me no matter what.
So, Happy Birthday Brandon. I wish I could tell you that your present is in the driveway, since this is how this amazing dad and husband gets to work and back every day...
Luckily, it hasn't gotten too cold yet. But, unfortunately it will come. Thanks for all that you do!


Logan and Ashley said...

How cute was he as little guy? I love that you put those pics on here. I love looking at people when they were young. Where did you get those matching ties for the boys and Brandon??

Jason and Summer said...

I love the last picture of Brandon...I feel horrible that we forgot to call and wish Brandon a happy birthday. We remembered and then forgot to pick up the phone...Sorry! Happy LATE birthday Brandon!