Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Creative Tag

So, my very creative sister Kim came up with a cute idea for a tag and did a such a good job on starting it out. Of course, she tagged me and I know I will probably end up making it lame. So, if you want the original, go here, and the extra addition (very creative) go here. The tag is to list the months of the year in order of your favorite. I think I will go backward and start with my least favorite...
January - I do like the idea of everyone trying to better themselves with their goals that normally only last for this month. But, Christmas is over and I'm in love with the whole season. So, the snow still being around is almost as worse as some Christmas lights still being up and reminding me that the most magical time of the year is over. It is cold and snowy when we are all sick of cold and snowy.
February - I do enjoy Valentine's day and the fun we have as a family making cards and eating a fun meal together. Brandon and I aren't really cheesy romantic, so we don't get too much into this holiday. And, again, the snow is STILL here.
October - I wouldn't say that I hate any month, but I like others better, so some have to be on the bottom. October seems to drag on sometimes. My kids normally figure their Halloween costumes out in September, so they are waiting and waiting. It is getting colder, but isn't yet the magical, snowy cold. And I just start eating way too much junk food. I do very much enjoy all the fall colors and pulling out the decorations.
March - I like March because we start to feel a few warm days here and there. But, at the same time, it is a tease because then it ends up snowing again. My kids want to pull their shorts and flip flops out, but they can't quite yet. It is exciting and frustrating at the same time.
November - I continue to love the fall colors and am happy to get the silly and scary decorations down from Halloween and put up the nicer Thanksgiving decor. We have Thanksgiving to look forward to and be reminded of our blessings. But, I sometimes secretly just want it out of the way so we can get on with Christmas. I do start listening to Christmas music in November, but will respect the holiday and wait until it is over to put my Christmas decor up.
Wow, am I not even half way yet? If you choose to keep reading, then here we go...
August - School starts the end of this month and for some reason that is always exciting. We sometimes are still vacationing before coming home to prepare for the new school year. It is our last little hurrah to Summer, which we just love. And it is meeting new teachers and classmates, and wearing new school clothes, using new back packs and lunch boxes. Fun!
September - I do love the summer, but for some reason (whether I like to admit it or not), I love when we start feeling that little nip in the air in the morning, but still have a warm day. I like to be able to pull out my jeans again, but still wear short sleeves. The weather is normally comfortable, and I like that.
April - We normally see Easter in this month - coloring eggs, eating way too many mini cadbury eggs, getting summer stuff for Easter...It is a hopeful month that warmer weather is on it's way. And even here some days. Although we still have to cross our fingers that the Easter egg hunt will have warm weather.
May - Yay, we made it to warmer weather and the end of the school year. Plus my cute Clay was born in this month! Enough said, on to...
June - I love the summer - the freedom from school, the swimming, playing outside all day, oh, and bar-b-ques! We love bbq's so much. I think we see the first official day of Summer in June. The weather and food couldn't be better.
December - As much as I love the summer months and the feelings that come along with them, can they really compare to the feelings we have in December? This month starts off with Brandon and Spencer's birthdays - two of the loves of my life. I love snow in this month. I love everything about this month - I love my Christmas tree and all the decorations. I have so many special and sentimental decorations that go up this month. My family has the tradition of seeing "Scrooge" every year and I can't have Christmas without it. The only thing that would make this month better is if Christmas were on the 31st. Because even Christmas night is sad to me. I hate when it's all over.
July - I just had to pick a summer month to be at the top of my list. And, seeing as how we get fireworks and mine and Koby's birthdays in July - it wins! Plus, we normally have our big family vacation this month - what could be better?
Congratulations if you made it to the end of this post. I loved reading my sister's thoughts, but feel like this post may have gotten long and boring - sorry. It was fun to do, so if any of you have the desire or feel like disputing my choices - go right ahead...


Julie said...

Really cute! I loved hearing about all your favorite (and not so favorite!) pastimes throughout the year. Made me stop and think about my own calendar and how much we really do accomplish during the year. Thanks!

Kim said...

So Cute! Thanks for playing. You're awesome.

Jason and Summer said...

I would have to agree on you for the order that you put the months in, well most of them. I 100% agree with the first two and last two. I am so excited for summer to be here already and we still have some time to go!