Sunday, March 29, 2009

Church Ball

That's right, here in Utah, church ball is alive and kicking. Brandon has been able to participate as coach of the Young Men's team and as a star player on the men's team (I am not biased!) The Young Men's tream is undefeated and will play the regional (yes, region!) championship game next week. I know Brandon is a good coach and a good example of sportsmanship for them, but not sure he has a lot to do with the wins!
The men's team was just eliminated from the regional tournament, where they made it to the top six. Not bad! In Colorado there were a few chances for Brandon to play, but not many. So, this is really the first time I have watched him play ball. I have to admit that I was surprised at how good he was! Even for his old age! Too bad I couldn't have seen him on his high school team, huh? Not like I would have actually watched the game in high school...but, that's a whole other topic.


The Russell's said...

too funny Cami, Brandon looks SO cool! :)