Saturday, April 4, 2009

Recipe for a snowy day

Pot of water
1 egg
Tabasco sauce
1 Cookie - broken in pieces
Nestle Quick
Seasonings and Spices of your choice

I was feeling nice on a snowy day when the boys asked if they could make Duck Stew. They call it this because once on an episode of Little Bear they made duck stew. But, they, obviously, give it their own flair.
Clay cannot be left out of ANYTHING in this family. I love it!
Koby got brave and actually tried a taste...
I definitely gagged once or twice while cleaning up the duck stew mess!


The Russell's said...

you're right -- you were being a nice mom! Another sweet memory!

jennis hansen said...

oh my gosh, that's reminds me of some of the times that the kids made me breakfast in bed for a it. I miss you guys so much,,,,,I guess that is from watching rachel ray all those mornings. Love it.... gramma jennis : )

Janice said...

you are such a good mom!

bonnie said...

Cami! I love it. What a fun mom. And ps it's Joel's surprise bday party this Friday night the 10th 7 pm. I don't have your email or facebook soooooo, just wanted you to know we would love to have you all there if you don't already have something going :)