Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Papa's Day!

Happy Birthday to my dad today! My dad is just as a dad should be. There is nothing my dad can't do. No question my dad can't answer. If dad was around, all was going to be just fine. I have believed these since as long as I can remember. And still do. I look to my dad for support and find it. My faith is strong because of my dad. I can't go into detail here. It would take too long. And, some stories are not meant to be shared with everyone. But, believe me, if your dad is like mine, you are lucky. As I grow up and see the world around me, I realize more and more how lucky I am.
Oh, did I mention he is also a wonderful Papa? He takes care of himself and assures he is healthy and fit so he can enjoy life with those he loves. He is always initiating bike rides and hikes. He loves the ocean and all it has to offer - waves for body surfing and coves for snorkeling are favorites.
Here he is having fun with Koby and Spencer...
And enjoying Clay...Happy Birthday Dad! We love you!